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Virtual Approver Output Scroll

PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
BUSPROCNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLBusiness Process Name (see PSBUSPROCDEFN).
APPR_RULE_SETCharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLApproval Rule Set
APPR_ACTIONCharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLApproval Action
APPR_STEPCharacter(3)VARCHAR2(3) NOT NULLApproval Step
1=Approval Step 1
2=Approval Step 2
3=Approval Step 3
4=Approval Step 4
5=Approval Step 5
6=Approval Step 6
7=Approval Step 7
8=Approval Step 8
9=Approval Step 9
APPR_PATHCharacter(3)VARCHAR2(3) NOT NULLApproval Path
A=Approval Path A
B=Approval Path B
C=Approval Path C
D=Approval Path D
E=Approval Path E
ROLENAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLThe name of a Role in the Role Definition Table (see PSROLEDEFN).
ROLEUSERCharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRole User
APPR_AMT_SWCharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLApproval Amount Switch
APPR_FLD_SWCharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLRoute Control
APPR_QTY_SWCharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLApproval Quantity Switch
APPR_SKIP_SWCharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLApproval Skip Switch
MAX_CREDIT_AMT1Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Credit Amount 1
MAX_DEBIT_AMT1Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMaximum Debit Amount 1
AMT1_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLAmount 1 Panelfield
AMT1Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLUsed in Virtual Approver to store the various rule amounts that go on each approval step
FROM_QTY1Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLFrom Qty 1
TO_QTY1Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLTo Qty1
QTY1_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLQty1 Panelfield
QTY1Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLQuantity 1
FLD1_FIELDVALUECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLField 1 Field Value
FLD1_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLField 1 Panelfield
FLD2_FIELDVALUECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLField 2 Field Value
FLD2_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLField 2 Panelfield
APPR_INST_STATUSCharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLApproval Instance Status
N=Not Applicable
APPR_WF_ERR_SWCharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLWorkflow/Error Switch
E=Error Message
M=Message Only
MESSAGE_SET_NBRNumber(5,0)INTEGER NOT NULLMessage Set Number. This field refers to the Message Set Number in the Message Catalog.
MESSAGE_NBRNumber(5,0)INTEGER NOT NULLMessage Number. This field refers to the Message Number in the Message Catalog.
EVENTNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLDefines a routing event for PS Workflow
RECYCLE_EVENTNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRecyle Event Name
MAX_CREDIT_AMT2Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Credit 2
MAX_CREDIT_AMT3Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Credit 3
MAX_CREDIT_AMT4Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Credit 4
MAX_CREDIT_AMT5Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Credit 5
MAX_DEBIT_AMT2Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Debit 2
MAX_DEBIT_AMT3Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Debit 3
MAX_DEBIT_AMT4Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Debit 4
MAX_DEBIT_AMT5Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLMax Debit 5
AMT2_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLAmount 2 Panelfield
AMT3_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLAmount 3 Panelfield
AMT4_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLAmount 4 Panelfield
AMT5_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLAmount 5 Panlefield
AMT2Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLUsed in Virtual Approver to store the various rule amounts that go on each approval step
AMT3Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLUsed in Virtual Approver to store the various rule amounts that go on each approval step
AMT4Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLUsed in Virtual Approver to store the various rule amounts that go on each approval step
AMT5Signed Number(28,3)DECIMAL(26,3) NOT NULLUsed in Virtual Approver to store the various rule amounts that go on each approval step
FROM_QTY2Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLFrom Qty 2
FROM_QTY3Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLFrom Qty 3
FROM_QTY4Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLFrom Qty 4
FROM_QTY5Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLFrom Qty 5
TO_QTY2Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLTo Qty2
TO_QTY3Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLTo Qty3
TO_QTY4Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLTo Qty4
TO_QTY5Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLTo Qty5
QTY2_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLQty2 Field
QTY3_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLQty3 Field
QTY4_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLQty4 Field
QTY5_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLQty5 Field
QTY2Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLQuantity 2
QTY3Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLQuantity 3
QTY4Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLQuantity 4
QTY5Number(7,2)DECIMAL(6,2) NOT NULLQuantity 5
FLD1Character(100)VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULLField 1
FLD2Character(100)VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULLField 2
FLD3Character(100)VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULLField 3
FLD4Character(100)VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULLField 4
FLD5Character(100)VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULLField 5
FLD3_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLField 3
FLD4_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLField 4
FLD5_PNLFIELDCharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLField 5
RTE_CNTL_TYPE1Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLAppr Field Type 1
RTE_CNTL_TYPE2Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLAppr Field Type 2
RTE_CNTL_TYPE3Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLAppr Field Type 3
RTE_CNTL_TYPE4Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLAppr Field Type 4
RTE_CNTL_TYPE5Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLAppr Field Type 5
ACTIVITYNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLName of a Business Process Activity (see PSACTIVITYDEFN).
DENY_ACTIVITYNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLDeny Activity Name
RECYCLE_ACTIVITYCharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRecycle Activity Name
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