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Run Control Rec - BIP

  • Parent record of XPQRYRUNPARM
  • PeopleSoft Field Name Field Type Column Type Description
    OPRID Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL A user's ID (see PSOPRDEFN).

    Prompt Table: OPERATOR_VW

    RUN_CNTL_ID Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Run Control ID
    LANGUAGE_CD Character(3) VARCHAR2(3) NOT NULL Language Code translate values
    LANGUAGE_OPTION Character(1) VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULL Language Option
    O=Specified Language
    R=Recipient's Language

    Default: O

    REPORT_DEFN_ID Character(12) VARCHAR2(12) NOT NULL Report Name (see PSXPRPTDEFN).
    TMPLDEFN_ID Character(30) VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Template ID (see PSXPTMPLDEFN).

    Prompt Table: PSXPRPTTMPL_VW

    ASOFDATE Date(10) DATE As of Date
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